New Year – New Outlook !

I asked someone how he was recently and the reply was “Well – I wake up every morning” ! I suppose that is optimistic, but it opened up a new line of thought for me because it has never occured to me that I might not! Now — ! Well, I’m not dwelling on that. Its a whole new year ahead  – mornings to wake up to,  books and newspaper to be read, TV to watch, lunch with friends, afternoon tea with anyone, occasional dinners with the family. My word will it ever start! Only kidding! It already has. Happy New Year to anyone who is reading this.


Lucky Me!

Didn’t have to try too much today. Went to a charity lunch and while buying the expected amount of raffle tickets I mentioned I never win a raffle. Well I did once years ago and it was an exciting-looking cylinder-shaped wine bottle holder  with the name of an expensive red wine on its cover. Opened it at home and the bottle inside contained a basic ruby red clearly switched by a cheeky subscriber to the raffle prizes.

Well, today was as usual – I didn’t win one of the many raffle prizes but later I paid £1 for four tickets at a tombola stall and three out of the four were winners. Was I delighted as I carried away set of two coasters, manicure set in small case and a bottle of sherry! Don’t think I’ll be drinking much of the sherry but it will be offered to all my visitors.

Challenged and tested!

My second blog and, already, my intentions to see the brighter side of life are tested.

I arrived at the bus stop ten minutes early. Despite bright sunshine there was an icy breeze and I walked up and down to keep warm. With my back to the on-coming traffic, the single-decker bus trundled past me. I hadn’t noticed it beyond the parked vehicles and it was four minutes early. I almost jumped up and down in frustration. I had an appointment in 20 minutes so attempted to phone for a taxi on my mobile – but couldn’t see in the strong sunshine. I returned home and rang for the cab on the landline. A lovely,speedy taxi driver got me to my appointment just in time. However, the bus gemlin was still having a laff on my return journey – I just missed a bus and had to wait for 25 minutes. More walking up and down to keep warm and no chance of missing the next bus because it was the terminus. The bus appeared on the dot of the hour and I would soon have a seat out of the cold wind. It turned out that every third bus went a slightly different route — and this was the third bus (contrary to the timetable!). I had to get on it while knowing it would take me a mile short of my home which I walked heading into the piercing wind. Was I glad to get back!  But that’s not all.

I decided to cook a sirloin steak for my evening meal which just had to have a glass of red to accompany it. I felt better already – but not for long.I had bought the steak two days’ earlier and trusted it would be fine in the fridge but it looked less than perfect and had ,developed an off-putting colour and smell.  It broke my heart to bin it, but I did. I couldnt risk being ill. So it was meat balls and chips — plus the glass of red, of course. The meat balls and I deserved it. I raised my glass to a day that could have been better and the fact that here I was — I had coped with it!


Why Would-be Optimist? It’s so easy to slip into being a grouch. As we get older life becomes more of a challenge. The greater challenge is to stop moaning about it and look at the causes from a different angle. Ok. I know that sounds too much like ‘Pollyanna’. How those stories irritated me when I was a girl! I suppose young people today would express their reactions as,’It winds me up’ or ‘It gets on my wick’. Well, not wanting to have,intentionally,that affect I’m attempting to turn pessimism on its head – for my own sake not particularly anyone elses. So,here goes. Some people are terribly nice to me to the extent that one can feel slightly patronised. How grouchy is that?! So from now on I’m going to be grateful for their caring attitude and that there is a section of the community prepared to be TNTM (if you don’t get those initials you’re not on my wavelength!)